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In Japan or overseas, processing at the facility nearest to you and delivery via the shortest route improves your operational efficiency at lower logistical cost

Kansai Felt Fabric processes and supplies all kinds of materials used in the manufacture of automobile interiors and exteriors, from exterior skins to materials used to dampen sound, shock, and vibration. Naturally, we carefully select the most appropriate materials in compliance with relevant regulations controlling environmentally hazardous substances. Our company can also propose environmental solutions in line with your organizations’ CSR policy.

Efficient logistics

We expedite delivery to overseas automotive production plants from our bases in Southeast Asia and China at competitive prices. We also coordinate closely with our domestic plants and processing companies to ship from the location nearest you in an effort to reduce cost of logistics and streamline your operating efficiencies.

Original nonwoven fabric

We manufacture our own line of original high-quality nonwoven felt fabrics at reasonable prices. A wide variety of thicknesses and functionalities are offered to best suit your needs.

Holistic support

We established an environment that allows us to provide the same quality of service overseas as we do in Japan. Information exchange between domestic and overseas operations is comprehensive for swift and thorough customer support and peace of mind.

Core Products

We offer a variety of materials used in the manufacture of vehicle interiors including the ceiling, floor, doors, and trunk. Processing includes foamed chemical products, tapes, films, and exterior skins as well as materials used to suppress sound, shock, and vibration. Each solution is optimized according to deployment location, environmental conditions, and intended function. In addition, controlled substances are handled in strict compliance with regulations. We can advise you on the environmental measures appropriate to your situation.

Workflow to completion

Supplied parts
Supplied parts
Example interior
Example interior
Completed car
Completed car

Main Parts Supplied

Main Parts Supplied illust
Vehicle Interior
  1. Door, door cover
  2. Seat cover
  3. Floor, carpet underlay
  4. Ceiling, pillar
  5. Passenger partition
  6. Trunk, tonneau cover, cowl side panel, rear door trim
  7. Dashboard, instrument panel
  8. Air conditioning unit
  9. Car navigation
  10. (Others) Speaker parts, ETC equipment
Vehicle Exterior
Mirror, light, emblems, spoiler, gas tank

Certifications Acquired

  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management standards)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality management system standards)
  • IATF 16949 (Automotive industry global quality management system standards)

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