Towards a sustainable future.

Kansai Felt Fabric embraces its corporate social responsibility obligations and will continue contributing to society though business activities in accordance with established CSR and ISO policies.

CSR Activities

CSR Policy Overview

We will continue our contribution towards the development of a safe, secure, and sustainable society through our business activities and by putting our “THREE I” philosophy into action in our daily business.

Promoting CSR

Kansai Felt Fabric will…

  • Contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by preventing pollution and working to maintain and protect earth’s natural environment
  • Comply with laws and regulations and conduct sensible activities that conform to social ethics
  • Eliminate unfair discrimination and harassment, respect human rights, and understand diverse values
  • Respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of our employees, treat them fairly, and create a safe and comfortable work environment
  • Build fair and honest business relationships with our suppliers and strive for mutual growth
  • Earn the trust of customers by providing products and services in an appropriate manner
  • Fulfill our responsibility to coexist with local communities, contribute to their health through charitable donations, and work to build an understanding of local culture and society
  • Maintain a sound and transparent relationship with government, avoid collusion, and act fairly. We disavow any relationship with antisocial forces and groups.

ISO 14001 Activities

Environmental Policy

Our company, as a production base for sales, manufacturing, and distribution of electronic and automotive parts, automotive parts, and environmental protection products, will continue to conduct environmentally friendly business activities based on established company policies.

ISO 14001 Initiatives

  • Prevent pollution and environmental contamination associated with our business activities (compliance with emission standards, prevention of air, water, and soil pollution, and reduction of noise, vibration, and odors)
  • Reduce CO2 and waste emission and promote energy conservation in corporate activities
  • Promote environmentally friendly products and services; develop production methods and technologies that reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce and control the use of specified chemical substances
  • Disclose corporate and product information
  • Protect the environment outside of our business activities (separation of garbage, promotion of recycling, cleaning activities, etc.)

Specific Efforts

As part of our voluntary CSR and ISO 14001 initiatives, we have focused on energy conservation (reduction of electrical energy, office paper, and vehicle fuel consumption) since 2001. Furthermore, in recent years, to fulfill our social responsibility obligations as a company, we made efforts to contribute to global environmental conservation by strengthening the sales of our own environmental protection products.

    Promote office
    energy-saving activities
  • G Suite
    Work digitally
    to reduce paper usage
  • eco-friendly company cars
    Use eco-friendly company cars
  • Support disaster relief
    Support disaster relief

Eco-friendly finishes

Manufactured from natural materials—mainly linseed oil—linoleum is commonly used for furniture and fixtures. Characterized by soft texture and expression, it’s a popular eco-friendly surface material for designer furniture, conference desks, cabinets, and doors.

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Solvent-free adhesives

We actively promote solvent-free adhesives used for flooring. These products are compliant with EC1, Germany’s highest safety standard for environment and health. A naturally derived adhesive, these products are friendly to people and the environment.

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Filter media for improved air quality

Our Envirotec business supplies filter media for use in commercial and industrial applications, contributing to improved air quality—an objective that demands a global effort and cooperation.

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